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The Full Story


"A Restaurant Without Borders"


Meet The Chef

Northwest native Chef Christina Siegl embodies the international values 84 Yesler holds dear. She was educated at the prestigious Augeste Escoffer School of Culinary Arts and trained in kitchens all over the globe, including the Michellin-starred restaurant Pauly Saal. She brings her expansive expertise in both food and wine to her role as executive chef at 84 Yesler, where she seeks to develop innovative new iterations on the Northwest seafood of her youth.




Visitors to 84 Yesler will find that we offer an exceptional dining experience. Our front and back of house teams work in perfect concert in order to provide our customers an evening of culinary revelry that bridges the foreign and the familiar. We greet our customers in the spirit of openness, and the layout of our dining room reinforces this ideal. You’ll find no walls that hide the kitchen away at 84 Yesler. We believe that the customer, the chefs, and the servers exist in harmony—unified in the pursuit of delicious food—and have removed everything that could interfere with this communion. This unity of purpose is unique in the Seattle dining landscape, and must be experienced.


84 Yesler is a neighborhood Northwest seafood restaurant that artfully incorporates international influences. You can find us just steps from Elliot Bay, on the cobblestone streets of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. We take Pioneer Square’s heritage as the gateway to the Pacific seriously; every dish our chef creates honors and elevates the seafood that defines the Pacific Northwest, while embracing elements of cuisines found across the globe. Our highly seasonal menu reflects the diverse bounty of the region we call home, and we never stop seeking the highest quality ingredients to prepare for our customers. To that end, we partner with local producers to ensure that only freshly sourced, organic ingredients make it to the table.

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